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Special Olympics 2017

When you have a child with any sort of special needs, you quickly learn to find resources that will not only keep your child from that terrible summer boredom, but you also find new things to stimulate them mentally and educate them. Special Olympics events are held around the United States every summer (and winter) for those with special needs, whether it's a wheelchair, Down Syndrome or otherwise.

This year, Imani is in Davis, California, with her favorite teacher (and my friend) Emily. She's competing in events, socializing with others, and just having a lot of fun. As of this writing, she's already won a bronze in the 25-meter race. Those close to me know that I jokingly refer to Imani as little miss CEO. So I have no doubt she'll come home with a few more medals around her neck before the weekend is over.

Special Olympics Northern California is being held at the University of California Davis. It sounds far away, but it's actually just 15-minutes west of Sacramento. It not only gives the parent a bit of a mental break, but the child gains some much needed independence of their own. Of course parents and friends are allowed to attend the games throughout the weekend. The general public are welcome, and admission is free.

The Special Olympics chapter for Northern California hosts fund raising events year around for those with special needs. But in this summer's games, the competitions range from bocce, swimming, tennis, and track & field. I've no doubt Imani is going to slay all of them - or at least try. Sometimes I think she thinks she's there to help the others, instead of being the participant. She's always hand a kind and caring heart for people around her that she sees are hurt or needing help. Her father and I are quite proud of who she is, and how she's turning out as a young lady.

Special Olympics is funded by donations and the financial support of the public. You can make a donation to the Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada chapter right online. Check back to the blog soon, as I will probably have more update as the events continue.

PS Did I mention her photo made it on the news?! Yes, it did make it on Good Day Sacramento today. So proud of my little CEO.

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